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This video examines some of the benefits and compromises involved in the transition from intratextual to extratextual annotation. The tensions between these modes of annotation are some of the core infrastructural problems of digital scholarship. They raise the question of how we might merge the printed page and the thematic hierarchy so that we might assign multiple categories to works and citations alike and link facsimile texts with more editable versions so that this kind of work becomes more efficient and sustainable in the future.

This is tutorial on how to annotate PDFs in Adobe Acrobat geared primarily for scholars in the humanities. The chances of actually making use of our notes, as I’ve argued earlier, hinges heavily upon their immanent visibility – being able to see which passages have been annotated within a text without having to cross-reference separate documents. Shifting to digital text not only enhances their searchability and modularity, it also allows us to layer annotation and citation within the text itself.

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